As boat owners we all know that it’s not always possible to put our boats on dry land once a year to clean the bottom and change the zincs. We also know that accidents happen, such as running over a crab trap, dropping an anchor over board, losing glasses overboard or running aground.

Thankfully, our boats are outfitted with dive gear and we have divers on-board. We can have someone in the water in minutes to retrieve your anchor or find your glasses.

Eagle Eye Marine can also have a diver in the water to scrub the bottom of your boat and change your zincs all while you enjoy your stay at any of the Gulf Island Marinas.

If you happen to have run aground, our divers can be in the water to get a first hand account of the damages done to your vessel. If there are damages, the diver can supply you with pictures of the damages and depending on the gravity of the damages, the diver can also make temporary fixes to assist your vessel in getting to a haul out point where more permanent fixes can be made.