Towing in itself may not appear to be difficult, but there are a few things that you as a boater and informed person should know before you go ahead and let someone tow you and your boat to safety.

Things you should know before you accept a tow line:
Is the vessel that is going to tow you capable of towing your size of vessel? An under-powered vessel may end up going backwards and put both vessels at risk.

Is the towing vessel insured? It’s not enough that your own vessel is insured. If the vessel towing you is not covered by insurance for the specific purpose of towing another vessel, you may find yourself with more than a towing invoice. When the weather turns and the towing vessel loses control or when it comes time to dock your boat and the towing vessel hits the dock at an alarmingly high speed, both due to lack of experience, your boat may be damaged in the process. Your own insurance may not cover the damages, but the towing vessel’s insurance should cover the damages. Ask the towing vessel for proof of insurance.

How much is it going to cost? If you’re a member of a towing service such as Vessel Assist, be clear with everyone involved that you are covered and make sure you’re not out of pocket for the tow. If a captain tells you that you’ll have to pay upfront for the services and then submit the invoice to your membership service for reimbursement, the captain is not contracted by your membership organization and you will not be reimbursed. All contractors of Vessel Assist direct bill the membership organization and do not request cash upfront. In the case where your insurer covers for towing, know the limit to which they cover. Most insurance companies will cover either $500 or $1000 in the event that you should need a tow. The more you know about your coverage, the better you’re going to feel, if something should happen. If you are put in a situation where you feel uncomfortable with the tower, ask them either not to proceed to your position or to leave. You can say “NO” and you can call for more help.

How we can help
We have vessels capable of towing boats up to 150 ft long. We have more than 15 years experience in the industry and are fully insured to tow your vessel. When you are a member of Vessel Assist your tow is FREE.

We also offer towing for docks and boat houses. Over the last 15 years we have helped thousands of stranded boaters and moved hundreds of new and old boat sheds. If you would like a price to relocate something, give us a call and we can help. We also have a large selection of boat trailers to move your vessel over land.