Salvage and Un-groundings

In the wonderful world of boating, just like in the world motor vehicles, there are accidents that cannot be handled by simply turning the 4×4 in gear and powering over it. Reefs appear as if by magic. You could have been in that same spot a million times before and never have hit it, but today is not that day. Your boat can be safely moored, anchored, or docked and somehow it takes on water and it sinks. These things happen to the best of us. It is therefore necessary to be prepared for such an event.

With over 15 years experience in lifting sunken boats, Eagle Eye Marine is equipped with one of the largest selections of underwater lift bags and is able to lift anything from the deep blue. Our highly skilled crew is able to lift almost anything in less than a day.

If you’ve grounded your boat, we’ll take every measure possible to minimize the damage to your vessel including padding the hull with lift bags in order to cushion your boat from a rising or falling tide.

Of the many services offered by Eagle Eye Marine, another notable one is environmental cleanup due to the inevitable fuel spillage of a sunken vessel. Unfortunately, if not addressed immediately the owner of the vessel can be fined heavily for environmental damages.

The most important thing for any boater to remember before going out on the water is that you are not only responsible for your own vessel but also for what your vessel may do to someone else’s as well as what it may do to the environment. Similarly to motor vehicles, you would be well cautioned to always hold insurance on your vessel. The salvage and environmental impact of a sunken vessel can often cost the boater much more than they are prepared to be out of pocket. Eagle Eye Marine Services is often able to directly bill the insurance provider and alleviate the boater’s stress of large expenses.