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DeCourcy – Vessel Assist Gulf Islands DeCourcy is a 33’ custom built salvage tug.

She is equipped with tow gear and salvage gear and is ready at a moment’s notice.


The Bullet is an 18’ Polaris Rigid Hull Inflatable. She is our high speed response vessel equipped with extra fuel, tow gear, dive equipment and can be quickly outfitted with salvage equipment. The Bullet is often our first vessel on scene; her captain will determine the urgency of the situation, perform any quick fixes if possible or dive on fouled propellers.

Active Pass

The Active Pass is a 25’ high speed tug currently out on lease.

Blue Flasher


Blue Flasher is independently  operated, she’s a 35’ custom built Maximodo tug equipped with tow and salvage gear.

We’re always looking for operators in other areas, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.