Vessel Assist

Vessel Assist/BoatUS Towing Service provides access to the largest network of on-the water commercial towing companies nationwide!

With over 600 boats in over 290 ports, service is just a call away.

Just show your Membership card and Vessel Assist/BoatUS will provide payment up to your selected service level.

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Listed below are just a few of the benefits of choosing Vessel Assist/ BoatUS for your on-water towing service needs:

Towing Service – One Membership applies to ALL recreational boats you own, borrow or charter anywhere in the world!

Vessel Assist /BoatUS 24-Hour Dispatch – Call toll-free, day or night, seven days a week for towing assistance. We have the largest recreational Marine Dispatch call centers stationed strategically on both the Atlantic & Pacific Coasts!

Towing at Sea – Complete service (100%) from a breakdown at sea to your port of choice, up to the towing service level you’ve selected.

Fuel Delivery & Jump Starts – Service includes Fuel Drops and Battery Jumps. The cost of fuel is high enough without having to pay someone over $150.00 an hour to drop it off. We’ll pay up to your selected service level or choose Unlimited and let us pick up the whole bill! (minus fuel costs).

Un-groundings – 100% payment for soft un-groundings, up to the towing service level you selected. Salvage and salvage un-groundings are provided for by a Marine Insurance Yacht Policy.

Largest Fleet – Vessel Assist/BoatUS offers the largest number of ports (290) and available Towing vessels. Over 600 approved boats waiting to assist you around the clock. Members are required to use the services of approved Vessel Assist/BoatUS Towing Service providers unless otherwise authorized by the Vessel Assist/BoatUS 24-hour dispatch center. All towing companies are independently captained, licensed and insured.

Towing Professionals – All Vessel Assist/BoatUS Towing Service Providers have signed contracts with Vessel Assist/BoatUS to provide a standard of service to its Members that is second to none. All USCG/CCG Towing endorsements, complete insurance coverage, licenses and standards and practices are reviewed on an annual basis. Our contractors provided service to over 60,000 boaters last year!

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