Affiliate Companies

EEM Towing

EEM Towing is the largest tow truck company on the gulf islands. We also transport over size loads from town for all your building needs. If you are new to Salt Spring Island and just bought a home with an abandoned old trailer or scrap car, we can help. For all your towing needs please call for a quote. We tow for the RCMP and ICBC.

Beware! There are no curbs or sidewalks on Salt Spring Island. The soft shoulders are not very forgiving and therefore the majority of our work involves recovery of vehicles from steep embankments.

We can be reached 24 hours a day at (250) 883-7865


At Sea Vinyl

At Sea Vinyl is our newest endeavour. We’re now able to make signs for all of your marina needs or lettering and logo designs for your boat.

For a quote or for more information, email